Nissan Sweeps the Best APEAL Awards With Its Models

October 2nd, 2017 by

JD Power APEAL Award

Annually J.D. Powers, the well-known review source for consumer products, particularly durable goods, issues sought-after reviews regarding various brands and their offerings to the consumer markets. In the world of cars, the APEAL Study is a big one, evaluation the overall assembly of a brand model for automotive performance, layout, and execution. For 2017, the Nissan portfolio moved up eight complete ranking spots to earn top scores. Specifically, the Altima, the Murano, the Maxima, and the Titan all scored extremely high against direct market competition as evaluated by J.D. Powers. Of all the models scored, the Nissan Rogue had the highest jump, moving up 46 total points from its previous year score.

In terms of competition both the Titan and Maxima scored in second place for their categories, large car and large light duty pickup respectively. The Murano also moved up to a healthier position of 837 points out of 1,000 possible while the Altima was not far behind at 826. All of these scores have been incorporated into the APEAL Study, which has been prepared for 22 years, examining both outright purchases and leases of new vehicles across the market. The report evaluation includes cars, SUVs and pickup trucks, scoring each in as many as 77 different criteria.

Interestingly, Nissan has continued to move ahead against competitors despite the fact that the overall market is generally building better vehicles. However, even with competitors scoring better, Nissan’s models still moved up into higher positions of rank, all other aspects being the same.

In comparison, the 2015 APEAL Awards only had the Nissan Murano in a top spot for the Midsize SUV category. Nissan didn’t even place in the large car category or the large light duty truck category. As a result, a two-year different has produced significant results for Nissan, first getting re-established in 2016, and then jumping forward to top tier ranking a year later.

The APEAL Awards is not the only good news for the carmaker this year. 2017 has also brought Nissan top honors with the Nissan Titan winning Truck Trend’s top truck of the year title, the Nissan Armada winning SUV of the Year from Popular Mechanics, as well as winning the Vincentric’s Best Fleet Value Award with a full sweep. Additional top ranks have been earned in 2017 in U.S. News World Report as well as in Consumer Reports. No surprise, the company’s hard work, design change efforts, and focus on customer interests and needs has produced big winners, independently validated again and again.

The company has no plans to rest on its recent laurels and fully expects that its dedication to quality and performance will bring a return in the 2018 APEAL Awards as well as similar rise in ranking with even higher scores. At the rate that Nissan is producing top cars, it would be foolhardy to bet against the carmaker right now.