What is Nissan Safety Shield?

August 23rd, 2017 by
Nissan Lineup

The Nissan Safety Shield is a series of technologies that keep drivers and passengers as safe as possible. The Safety Shield gives vehicle operators and riders the confidence they need to go for a ride without worrying about whether they will be safe. The Safety Shield is best described as a comprehensive approach to protection while on the road. This approach is central to the engineering and development of all Nissan vehicles. Hop on in your Nissan, hit the road for an adventure and the Safety Shield will handle just about every threat that pops up along the way.

Monitor, Respond, Protect


Nissan’s smart technologies are engineered to monitor conditions of all sorts. These conditions include the vehicle as well as the road. This system notifies you if your Nissan’s tires are low on air. There is even a system that monitors the manner in which you drive. If it appears you need a break, the system’s monitor will notify you.

Around View Monitor

Around View Monitor Camera System

Imagine four cameras providing you with a 360 degree view of your vehicle along with split-screen shots of the front, back and curbside. This seemingly futuristic technology is available with the Safety Shield’s Around View Monitor. There is even a Moving Object Detection system that warns you of moving objects in the vicinity of your vehicle.

Predictive Forward Collision Warning

It takes a mere second of distraction to lead to a potentially harmful situation on the road. Every driver can benefit from the Safety Shield’s assistance. The system’s predictive forward collision warning makes use of a radar sensor along the front of the vehicle to monitor two vehicles in your lane. If the system identifies a rapid deceleration of either of those two vehicles, it provides an audible warning along with a visual signal displayed on the instrument panel. This is the heads up every driver needs to stay safe and sound.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

This technology detects objects behind and to the side your vehicle when you back out of a parking spot. After all, it is quite difficult to see small items, pets and kids if they are low to the ground and positioned to the sides of your vehicle when it is in reverse.

RearView Monitor Back Up Camera

The RearView Monitor makes parking as easy as possible. It provides a clear view of what is behind your Nissan so you don’t have to stress out when backing up. The system’s red, yellow and green indicators help you determine how close your vehicle is to objects. This is quite the help when attempting to maneuver through tight spaces.

Forward Emergency Braking

The Safety Shield also uses radar to monitor your driving speed and how close you are to the vehicle in front of you. Visual and audible warnings are provided to encourage you to decrease your speed. If you don’t respond, the system can apply the brakes to help prevent a collision or at least reduce the impact of a collision.

Blind Spot Monitoring

Blind Spot Warning

Imagine a situation in which a vehicle is in your blind spot. The Safety Shield’s Blind Spot Warning triggers an indicator in the door pillar as well as on the Advanced Drive-Assist Display. If you turn your blinker on, the indicator grabs your attention with a warning alert to prevent an accident.

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