Nissan Partnering with Blake Shelton

March 21st, 2017 by

Blake Shelton & Nissan

Nissan will be partnering with Blake Shelton on 14 festival tour appearances, and 13 headliner concerts. Headliner events will feature the Titan and Titan XD trucks outside of the venues to promote the versatility and capabilities of the pickup to country music lovers of all kinds. Shelton’s tour is called “Doing It to Country Songs” and is due to end in September. See how Nissan’s marketing strategy works, and why it’s helped boost their sales to record numbers.

Big Moments

Nissan has been partnering with a number of associations to promote their cars. They saw skyward trends for their Nissan Rogue between December and January after partnering with the new Star Wars movie. Nissan has praised Shelton’s talents, and believes that his name will continue to keep Nissan in the public eye. Many of his fans will need new trucks in the next few years, and the Titan is an extremely durable choice. Built to haul around 7,000 pounds of gear, it means safer excursions and smoother rides for drivers and their families. Its signature V8 gives drivers the power they’re looking for without sacrificing on style.

A Natural Choice

Titan is made in the United States specifically for Americans, and the truck is an excellent fit for the country music star and his wide audience. Titans are manufactured in Mississippi, and their engines are made in Tennessee at the Smyrna Vehicle Assembly Plant in Nashville. The car company has made it a point to honor and support the traditions of the city, sponsoring the Tennessee Titans and Ryman Auditorium (home of country music stars.) Nissan felt that Blake Shelton was a natural choice to reach more truck drivers outside their home city.

Shelton’s Love of Trucks

Between Shelton’s personal tour and his appearances at different festivals, he’ll be covering most of the United States as well as parts of Canada. Nissan’s name will be given top billing in ticketing, VIP events, social media, and concert videos. They’ll have specially wrapped Titans and trailers on display outside the headlining events. He’s announced that he’s proud of the chance to promote the trucks, especially considering that Nissan North America employs professionals all over America to deliver quality in marketing, sales, manufacturing, and engineering. Blake Shelton’s father used to work in car dealerships, which makes Shelton nostalgic about the association with Nissan as well as excited about its prospects.


Nissan’s Experience

Nissan has been committed to perfecting their pickup trucks for more than three decades. Having started their operations in Tennessee, pickups were the first vehicle Nissan ever produced in the states. After much market research and consumer feedback, they’ve continued to provide practical options for its no-nonsense buyers rather than bells and whistles. Case in point, the Titan line recently added a King Cab for more interior space. Unsurprisingly, their trucks have been a major part of Nissan’s steady growth in the market over the past few years. Nissan North America has also focused heavily in green technology and technology, making Shelton’s decision a socially and environmentally responsible choice.