Nissan Gripz Concept

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Nissan Gripz
The Nissan Gripz concept vehicle is a little bit of everything, as those who attended the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2015 can attest. To say that Nissan took the idea of “crossover” to whole new levels is a bit of an understatement.

Inspired by the Greats; Looking to the Future

Nissan drew from some of their most successful vehicles of the past, tossed in some future-oriented concepts that are well ahead of their time, engineered the daylights out of it and came up with something that’s bound to be the coolest thing on the road if it manages to get beyond the concept stage and make its way to an assembly line and to a certain Colorado Springs Nissan dealership near you.

The main source of inspiration for the Nissan Gripz concept vehicle is the 240Z Safari – a rally car that is generally acknowledged as Nissan’s first foray into the crossover market. Nissan did a lot more than slap a sharp, updated new body design onto a 240Z, though. The Gripz is a virtual showcase of what the next generation of technology is going to bring.

What Makes the Nissan Gripz Stand Out in the Crowd?

Nissan Gripz

For starters, the Gripz is light – significantly lighter than other crossover vehicles of similar size. The interior makes copious use of carbon fiber, similar to materials used on racing bikes to cut weight. Additionally, it has a hybrid powertrain. Everything about the Gripz is designed for performance. Sports car lovers will be jazzed with the four-wheel drive mode as much as off roaders will be. The system makes use of electric motors that’ll give you all you need to power through the drifted snow while being designed to have the feel of the best RWD sports cars.

Nobody goes off road all the time and the Gripz is designed to handle the everyday grocery getter duties just as smoothly. Switching from four-wheel drive to EV (everyday) mode is quick and easy.

Want to show off when you go off road or hit the strip? The Gripz has headlamp cameras that allow you to upload your adventures. Rumor is that they double as security cameras, though that doesn’t sound like nearly as much fun.

When Can we Drive the Nissan Gripz?

Nissan Gripz

So, the million dollar question – will we see the Nissan Gripz on the road (and if so, when)?

It’s always hard to say with concept cars. Fact is most of them don’t make it to market. But even if they don’t, the new features that are hammered out and put to the test in designing a concept car do make their way into established models. Those in the know have hinted that some of the cutting edge features in the Nissan Gripz could very well become options on upcoming Juke or Z models. The V-Motion front end will definitely be featured on several Nissan models going forward – it’s being hailed as upcoming Nissan’s design signature.

If you See it, You’ll see it First at Woodmen Nissan

Whether the Gripz makes it to the road as shown or just serves to bring some cool new gear to existing models, you can find all the latest Nissan vehicles at the new and used car dealership Colorado Springs has come to trust – Woodmen Nissan.

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