5 Car Hacks for Drivers Near Colorado Springs, CO

August 25th, 2014 by

There is some real truth to the saying that necessity is the mother of invention. Quite often car owners find themselves in sticky situations that require some creative thought, whether it’s to get something working quickly or to avoid hiring a professional and shelling out a bunch of money. With that in mind, following are five car hacks that will make owning a vehicle a more pleasant experience, no matter what life throws at you.

Car Hacks

    1. Use toothpaste to clean headlight lenses.

      When you buy a brand new car, everything is shiny and perfect. Over time, the headlight lenses sit in the sunlight and oxidize, which creates a disgusting filmy buildup. While that might not sound so bad, the headlights can become so foggy that they start blocking a good portion of the light. That means you can’t see as well when driving at night, and other drivers can’t see you as clearly. Mechanics will charge a fair amount of money to buff out the oxidation, but you can do it yourself for only a few dollars. Cover the lenses with toothpaste, rub it vigorously with a clean microfiber cloth, rinse with water, and dry the lenses with another clean towel.

    2. Clean out your car to cut fuel costs.

      If you hate buying gas, you can take a simple step to instantly increase the fuel economy of your car. Hunt through the trunk and interior for any extra items you don’t need to haul everywhere with you, including random books, gym bags, and that stuff you keep meaning to take to your mother’s house. By eliminating the extra weight, your car will run more efficiently and consume less gas. As an added benefit, lightening the load will also help the suspension components last longer.

    3. Clean the glass with a sharp blade.

      A razor blade or something similar is the ideal way to clean the glass on your car. The blade will remove even the most stubborn bug splatters and tree sap, helping you see through the windows clearly again. You do need to exercise caution to not scratch the glass or nick your hands, so take your time.

    4. Snap a photo to remember where you parked.

      Remember the Seinfeld where they become hopelessly lost in the massive parking garage? Nothing’s worse than parking in a big structure and being gone so long that you forget where you parked. Some garages have reminder cards, but the more convenient solution is to use your smartphone to take a photo of where you left your vehicle. It doesn’t hurt to snap a picture of the level you parked on as well.

      Car Hacks

    5. Conserve even more fuel by hypermiling.

      In case you didn’t know, hypermiling is all the rage in some circles today. It involves altering your behavior behind the wheel, all with the end goal of achieving a marked increase in fuel economy. There are hypermiling competitions held around the world, with some of the latest tricks being put to the test. You can start by coasting whenever possible, turning your engine off instead of idling while you wait somewhere, and combining trips.

Written By: Mike Jackson