2016 Nissan Murano Wins Best Mid-Size SUV from Cars.com

December 19th, 2016 by

Nissan Murano

The 2016 Nissan Murano is this year’s Cars.com pick for “Best mid-sized SUV” under $45,000. They said in the announcement their team of automotive experts preferred this year’s Murano over four comparably-priced mid-sized SUVs.

This year’s Murano carries on Nissan’s new design direction with the “V-Motion” front end, stand-out boomerang lights, the eye-catching floating roof treatment, and Murano’s signature efficient aerodynamics. Inside, the Murano delivers an attractive lounge type of vibe with compelling features like the smart looking lowered instrument panel, the widened center console, innovative Zero Gravity seating, and a thoroughly airy atmosphere rendered by the surprisingly large windows and the enormous Power Panoramic Moonroof.

After placing the 2016 Murano head to head with five competing mid-size sport utility vehicles via a rigorous testing process, Cars.com and MotorWeek have agreed that the 2016 Nissan Murano is this year’s best Mid-size SUV. Cars.com’s awarding Murano the highly sought after award comes after naming Nissan TITAN XD “Best Pickup Truck of 2016” and Nissan Rogue “Family Car of the Year” in January.

Cars.com Mid-Size SUV of the Year

Nissan MuranoCars.com’s Chief Editor Patrick Olsen said, “This year’s Murano is the best choice for a luxury SUV in its class, with a quality of interior styling and materials that come together to create a type of flair that’s missing from the others. The Murano’s virtues go far beyond its superior interior. It is packed with innovative technology, family-friendly characteristics, and thanks to its powerful V-6 engine, it is a lot of fun to drive.”

The winner scored points by finishing near the top of a group of categories, but where it took the lead was in power, comfort, fuel economy, and the first-rate tech features- specifically its safety features. The Murano’s safety features were put down as some of the best appreciated of Murano’s features. Cars.com’s senior editor even suggested the Murano felt a lot like a luxury SUV– and that’s high praise, especially when you consider the price of under $45,000- not a price tag readily associated with luxury.

Nissan Murano Features

Cars.com staff’s best-loved features- besides the groundbreaking safety points were its power, comfort, and roominess. They also pointed out that its ample cubbies and storage places allow owners to store lots of different items. This is significant as one of the biggest reasons people buy a mid-sized SUV is because these vehicles are versatile and can haul people, cargo, or both. The ability to carry lots of cargo while still seating a family of five comfortably was a big bonus for Cars.com’s testers. The fact that seats stow away easily and can be lifted by the push of a button also won the Murano big points.

SUVs are arguably the family vehicle of choice this year, and the mid-size class of SUVs is among the most popular with car shoppers. Mid-sized SUVs remain highly competitive, so Cars.com has sent a clear message to car shoppers: If you want power, comfort, and a massive suite of safety features in a mid-size SUV that can haul the whole family and some- the 2016 Nissan Murano is it.

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